Performance Self-Assessment

Performance Self-Assessment

The Performance Self-Assessment Quest helps managers and members of their teams to have an open and ongoing dialogue regarding their contributions to the wider team, as well as their career goals and progression.

Once set up, Questmate will invite members of your team on a regular basis (we recommend quarterly) to the Quest, removing all the usual work and friction involved in preparing for their performance assessments.


Key benefits

✅ Gauge Impact! ☄️

Inviting your team members to reflect on their impact gives them and you an opportunity to compare their work against their personal goals, company objectives and contributions of their peers.

✅ Uncover what fuels your individual team members ⚡️

Keeping track of the things that energize members of your team is a powerful way to help you understand what makes them thrive. It can also give you a clear list of actions you can take to keep them feeling motivated, especially throughout more turbulent times.

✅ Identify Energy Vampires 🧛♀️

Allowing your team members to reflect on work activities that drain them can be beneficial in many ways.

It enables you to assist them in finding ways to simplify or streamline these tasks or reassign them to members that mentioned feeling energized by them. See how it works? 😊

✅ Great leaders level up by leveling up their players 🍄

Equally (if not more) important than reflecting on the past is looking at the road ahead. By giving you and members of your team the opportunity to examine their ambitions and align them with the goals of their team helps you to enable and set them up for success!