New Hire Paperwork Checklist

New Hire Paperwork Checklist

Automating your new hire paperwork can help to speed up the process, make it less overwhelming for new employees, and ensures that all the required paperwork is collected and filed correctly.


Automate Your New Hire Paperwork: This is the Quest we use to collect all of the necessary docs from our new hires  necessary docs from our new hires.

Everyone who has used it so far have agreed that it made getting ready for their first day so much easier 🥰‍

Key benefits

✅ Attach Key Policies for Review

It can be easy to forget which policy documents a new hire needs to access. With Questmate, you can add all of your company policy documents to your pre-onboarding Quest for all new hires to see.

✅ Painless Paperwork Process

Make it easy for your new hires to provide their tax forms, ID documents and contact info etc. They can fill in forms, open policy documents and sign contracts all in one place.

✅ Thank New Hires for Timely Submissions

Turn a previously tedious paperwork process into an opportunity to surprise and delight your new hires. Add tangible rewards from prepaid gift cards to charity donations and more!

Best Practices for Automating Your New Hire Paperwork Process

✅ Make a master list of all of the forms and documents that need to be completed, and provide clear instructions and guidelines for completing the paperwork.

✅ Make sure the system is easy to use. The last thing you want is for your new hire to feel overwhelmed or confused by the paperwork process.

✅ Make sure that the system is secure and confidential. You don’t want your new employee’s personal information falling into the wrong hands.

Help Your New Hire Get Ready For Their First Day! 🥰

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