As a Startup, you know that fundraising is key to your success 🔑  But how do you go about it in the most effective way possible? In this post, we’re going to share how we created a fundraising experience that helped us raise US$1.5M during our seed round at US$13.5M.

Raise Funds For Your Startup: This is the Quest we used to raise USD$1.5M during our seed round at USD$13.5M.

Our investors LOVED the experience. Yours will too 😉 (you can edit each item).


Key benefits

✅ Provide Context Materials

Give your investors a chance to go through all of the materials they need to learn all about your company. Provide links to your pitch video, slide deck, website, success stories, app demos & more.

✅ Collect Investor Contact Details

Ask your investors to provide their details for follow up questions. Ask for their name, phone number, email address or anything else that’ll help with getting the ball rolling.

✅ Ask for a Ballpark Figure

Ask for a ballpark investor figure up-front. This’ll screen out anyone who isn’t serious, and make your follow-up conversations more productive.

Make Your First Conversation More Valuable

✅ Provide a list of resources to help investors learn about your mission, product and team.

✅ Outline your rules for engagement (e.g. comfortable with mission and funding ask).

✅ Ask investors to provide their details and ticket size, so that your first conversation is more productive and valuable.