Founder Onboarding

Founder Onboarding

Onboarding new founders is an essential part of being a venture capitalist.

By taking the time to properly onboard new founders, you can help them hit the ground running and avoid any potential disasters down the road.

Use this Quest to capture your founders name, bio and profile image so you can promote them on your site, and send them swag.


Create A Welcoming Founder Onboarding Process: Use this Quest to help onboard new founders. Capture their name, bio and t-shirt size so you can promote them on your site and send them some swag to help them feel like part of the team.

Key benefits

✅ Add Founder Bio

One of the most important things a venture capitalist can do is get to know the founder and their story.  We usually ask for a founder biography, which is a short summary of their professional and personal experiences.

✅ Add Profile Photo

One way to make a great first impression with your founders is to upload their profile photo to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management software). This will help you easily identify them when you're meeting with them.

✅ Send Some Swag

One way to make sure that a new founder feels welcome and appreciated is to send them some swag (branded t-shirt or gift basket etc). Whatever you choose, make sure it is something your help your new founder feel like part of the team.

A Couple Key Things To Keep In Mind When Onboarding New Founders

✅ Be clear about their expectations and what they hope to get out of the relationship. This includes things like timeline, milestones, and how much ownership they are willing to give up. By establishing a clear framework from the start, both sides can save themselves a lot of headache down the road.

✅ Contextualize the new relationship within the broader framework of your venture capitalist's portfolio and investing strategy, so that your new founders understand where your company fits in with the rest of your holdings, and how much capital and support they can expect to receive from you.