Discord Moderator Application

Discord Moderator Application

This Discord Moderator Application Form is a super friendly way for users to apply for a role as an administrator on your Discord server!


This form is web-based and super easy to access. Please note that this template is specifically for Discord Moderator Applications and not for regular staff applications. The questions here are designed to select the perfect candidates to become Discord moderators 👩💻👨💻. 

Once a current moderator reviews a new application, they can either accept 🟢 or reject 🔴 it. When accepted, the new moderator will unlock awesome features on the Discord server like kicking users for inappropriate language 🗣️, banning users 🚫, and setting guidelines to create a positive and welcoming environment! 🤗 🌈 

So, go ahead and use this template to join our next mod! Good luck! 👍