Deal Closing: Finance

Deal Closing: Finance

Once you’re happy with all of the financial implications of your next investment, it’s time to confidently close the deal and move on to the next stage of your business journey.

It’s easier to do this when you have put a reliable mechanism in place to initiate your capital call process, obtain transfer signatures and issue payment.


Handle The Financial Side Of Your Next Deal Closing: Setup a simple workflow process for handling the financial side of closing your next deal, so you can confidently  move on to the next stage of your  journey 🤑

Key benefits

✅ Initiate Capital Call Process

Not all companies have a capital call process - some simply go to their investors and ask for money outright. But issuing a formal request is typically seen as a more professional way to go about it.

✅ Obtain Transfer Signatories

Having the financial signatories in place means that each party has approved the terms of the deal and is willing to proceed with the sale or purchase.

✅ Issue Payment Check

The issuing of payment is an important step in the closing of a deal. This ensures that the funds are available to complete the transaction. Include a check for issuing payments at the end of your financial deal closing process.

The Financial Side of Deal Closing

✅ Initiate the capital call process. The capital call process is the formal way for a company to request money from its investors. This can happen in a number of different ways, but the most common is for the company to issue a formal request to its investors asking them to contribute money to the company (capital call notice).

✅ Obtaining the financial signatories from all parties. This also signals to the banks and other institutions involved in the transaction that they can move forward with financing.

✅ Issuing Payment. In order to close a deal, both parties need to agree on how and when payment will be made.