The Best 5 Visitor Management Apps Right Now In 2023

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Visitor Management Apps 🐧🐧🐧

The ultimate goal of a visitor management system is to make it as easy as possible for people to sign-in, and get connected with the people they are there to visit. Ideally, even the least tech savvy visitors who are signing in for the first time should feel right at home with your sign-in process.

Here are some of the best visitor management apps on the market right now:

  1. Questmate
  2. Envoy
  3. SwipedOn
  4. Sine
  5. Greetly

#1. Questmate

Questmate’s visitor management app lets you create a totally custom sign-in process where you can decide what kind of details you’d like guests to provide about themselves when they sign-in. You can also setup automatic notifications that lets hosts (and optionally front-desk staff) know when visitors have arrived.

Questmate benefits


You can all of the same basic visitor management activities (like setting up a kiosk-mode sign-in process and notifying hosts of guest arrival etc) for a fraction of the cost of most other visitor management solutions currently on the market. We’re not right for everyone however, so read on to find out what our competition does differently to us :)

Do more with less

You can use Questmate for so much more than visitor management. All of the features that apply to this use-case, can be reused in any custom workflow process you can think of, like daily standups, onboarding, deal flow closing and so much more!

Works across all devices out of the box

Questmate’s visitor management app works across all of your devices out of the box. You don’t have to pair an iPad separately if you want to setup a self-service sign-in touch device (kiosk).

Build your own features with our built-in escape hatch

If there is a feature you would love to have that we don’t support natively yet, you can use our in-built escape hatch to code your own features.

Or you can tell us what you need and we can help you make it happen. In fact, most of our native features are created this way. First we use our escape hatch to ship new features extremely quickly (hours, not weeks!). Then the most useful get turned into native features. The rest live in our (soon to be) extensive QuestScript library in our help centre.

Try it out for yourself! The demo below is interactive 😉

Try Questmate’s visitors app

#2. Envoy

Envoy's visitor management app is designed to help well-established, enterprise-level companies manage their visitors. A lot of work has been put in to make sure that the experience is as good as it can possibly be, which is reflected in the monthly subscription cost.


  • Envoy lets you create custom sign-in flows where visitors are asked different questions depending on what answers they provide to earlier questions.
  • Automatically recognises repeat visitors.
  • Envoy lets new visitors digitally sign a non-disclosure agreement when signing in.
  • Send directions and parking instructions prior to guests arriving (part of a pre-registration process).


  • Envoy is expensive (around $400 per location per month). It’s aimed at well-established enterprise level companies more than mid-to-small businesses.
  • Envoy requires you to download a separate app called Envoy Visitors if you want to sign-in visitors on a different device like an iPad tablet or phone.
  • Currently doesn’t work on Android devices.

#3. SwipedOn

SwipedOn offers a visitor management solutions that can be customized with site-specific agreements. The app provides automated employee alerts for guest arrivals and departures, and enables employers to request proof of PPE and certifications.


  • Provides offline sign-in capabilities which automatically syncs visitors once back online.
  • Custom visitor approval process where you can decide to approve or deny visitor entry depending on their responses to questions in the sign-in flow.
  • A unique feature that SwipedOn provides is a catering add-on, which allows visitors to request items from a pre-defined menu while signing in, like a cup of coffee while waiting to be picked up.
  • Similar to Envoy, SwipedOn can also automatically recognise returning visitors for a quicker sign-in process.


  • It can get expensive when adding multiple locations, sms purchases, and other options.
  • Requires an enterprise plan for use of one account across multiple locations.

#4. Sine

Sine is a visitor management app primarily focused at signing in employees and contractors. One of the things that makes Sine unique is their virtual perimeter feature which can auto-detect and sign-in visitors who have previously been entered into their system, through their device location settings.


  • Setup a virtual perimeter using geofencing technology to enable repeat visitors to check-in and out of sites quickly.
  • Provides facial recognition technology which allows visitors to check-out by showing their face to the screen without having to manually input details.
  • Enables you to setup whitelists of VIP visitors, and blacklists of undesirable visitors. Hosts and front-desk staff can use this information to decide how to welcome (or reject) visitors.


  • Visitors have to download a mobile app (Sine Pro Mobile) specifically to check into sites that use the Sine system to receive guests remotely.
First sign-in mobile screen and marketing text: Sign-in your visitors. Easily check-in guests on your device of choice.
Try Visitor Management App

#5. Greetly

Greetly's visitor management system that heavily prioritizes customization so that you can show visitors a background image, title and logo that best reflects your brand.


  • Allows you to pre-register guests.
  • Integrates with messaging and CRM platforms.
  • A feature that Greetly offers that we haven't seen in any other visitor system is the ability to scan temperatures (primary for checking the health of visitors in response to COVID-19 protocols).


  • Must setup the visitor management process for each individual location from scratch.
  • Limited functionality.

Wrapping up 🌯

Whether you have a small office, or a multi-level corporation/co-working building that hosts a variety of meetings, conferences and events. It’s important that you have some kind of system in place for effectively managing who is able to get access to your facilities and staff.

A digital check in system handles the process of greeting guests, connecting them with their hosts, and in some cases reminds them when it’s time to check-out again. It’s more common now than ever before to use some kind of digital check in system for managing visitors to your workplace.

Here are some of the top 5 visitor management apps currently on the market:

1. Questmate

  • Everything you need to sign-in visitors, for a fraction of the cost of most other visitor management systems.
  • Works across all devices out-of-the box. No need to download separate apps for kiosk mode either.
  • For our more tech-savvy users, we have an in-built escape hatch (powered by Scriptable) that lets you code your own features. Or ask us to do it for you in a matter of days not months.
  • Every feature that is available in the visitor management use-case, is available for use in any other kind of workflow you can imagine. For example, in this case we’re using a Slack member picker so visitors can choose who they’re here to see. In a different use-case, you might use a member picker for a personal time off request approval process, or to choose your preferred yoga instructor.
  • You can also use Questmate for many other team processes, like employee onboarding, collecting customer feedback/contact forms and any other kind of recurring workflows.

2. Envoy - Designed for enterprise-level companies (with a premium pricetag). Excellent user experience and extra bells and whistles like being able to send pre-registered visitors parking instructions.

3. SwipedOn - Offline visitor sign-in support, and a custom visitor approvals process where you can automatically approve or deny visitors access to a location depending on their answers to sign-in questions.

4. Sine - Facial recognition for quicker repeat sign-ins, plus the surprising ability to setup a virtual perimeter using geofencing technology to enable repeat visitors to check-in and out of sites quickly.

5. Greetly - Allows you to pre-register guests and scan visitor temperatures as part of a COVID-19 health check prior to signing in.

Let us know which one works best for you and your team! 🎉

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